Grace Dent

British teen magazine queen, roving reporter, and media critic, Grace Dent has been writing for top newspapers and magazines for years, but always wanted to be a novelist. Her first novel, LBD: It's a Girl Thing debuts in the US (Fall 2003) after a smash-success with teens in England.

Grace was born in the north of England in Carlisle, Cumbria. After driving her parents crazy as a teenager, she decided that University was the best way to escape her hometown of 100,000 people and studied English Literature at Stirling University in Scotland.

While Grace is a new commodity in the States, she is well known in the UK as a columnist for top newspapers and magazines. Early milestones in her career include: Cosmopolitian giving Grace her first big break while still at University, and landing a plum job upon graduation in London as the editorial assistant at Marie Claire (UK) magazine (although Grace will tell you that it involved a lot of parking meters, dog walking, and dry cleaning pick-up rather than writing).

Later, Grace became a freelance writer with regular features and columns in women's magazines (Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire), and teen magazines (CosmoGirl, More!). For years the Daily Mirror dispatched Grace to a long list of international destinations to investigate crazy stories. Grace has been a mermaid, an elf, and a spy. And much to the envy of her male friends, she has been in the cockpit of a Formula One racecar (although she will admit that she has yet to get her drivers' license). She has also auditioned for the British equivalent of the ice-capades, taken hunting and taxidermy lessons to become a "better outdoors woman," and survived a week at Hedonism II in Jamaica (one of the longest weeks in her life), all of this in the name of journalism.

Today, Grace is focused on the LBD (two more installments are slated to be published over the next 2 years), and remains the television critic for the Guardian.

Grace Dent lives in Tower Bridge, London.